Photography:: Luis + Jasmine

It wasn’t until I was on my refreshing my apartment for rent landing page when I realized that I never blogged about Luis and Jasmine’s wedding in January. Good grief guys, can you tell how bad I am at this? I’d like to say I’ll improve, with a renewed spirit, but we all know the truth here….

So! I’m just going to say that I’ll get there when I get there…..and if I don’t get there, I don’t get there (anyone an Office fan?)

But less about me and my dismal performance as “blogger” and more about Luis and Jasmine! I’ve known Luis for several years through several mutual friends. Luis found the girl of his dreams, popped the question, and she and him planned a beautiful January wedding. 2 weeks before the wedding I get a “Hail Mary” message from Luis asking me if I was available to shoot their wedding because their friend they had booked got jury duty and could no longer shoot it. Luckily I rarely have plans on a Friday night and I was able to shoot it and it turns out, I was the lucky one. Not only was I able to witness two friends come together and start their lives together, but I was able to see old friends (and friends that moved away from me to Austin). There was dancing, singing, and my personal favorite – Cuban food (can I get an amen?!) They left the night to fanfare and confetti and as quickly as it started, it was over.


Cheers to you, Luis and Jasmine, as you start on your new journey as Espinosa Party of 3!



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