Photography: Posing, Lighting, and Beautiful People

I can re-launch a New Year’s Resolution in mid-February, right? I like to think I can. With that being said, I’ve switched blog platforms and once I have it set up to that sweet spot, with the help of my web genius best friends, I’ll be blogging on a weekly monthly regular basis.
I realize that if you read the below, I’ve said it before BUT…….I can always start over. So I’ve moved over a few of my favorite posts to this new platform and I hope you enjoy my walk down memory lane and can join me as I make new ones.
Cheers friends!

There are a few shoots and blogs that I have neglected to post in the recent months and have become inspired to start blogging with a little more frequency than, oh, twice a year….

It’s that bad people…

But it’s never too late to change that, right? Good, we’re in accord.

So in the spirit of blogging, below is a shoot I did in December before the madness of Christmas and New Years happened. In order to become a stronger photographer, I put together a list of some of my weaknesses from a technical standpoint. I’m pretty comfortable with my camera and shoot totally RAW and Manual which I am pretty proud of to be honest. However, my three weaknesses are posing, shooting backlit, and shooting in harsh light. So how do you get better? You practice. So I grabbed my roommate and her boyfriend and took them to Tree Tops Park in Davie to practice 2 of the 3 weaknesses (can you tell I’m avoiding the biggest weakness? Harsh light= Voldemort).

Now let’s go ahead and put this out there-posing is hard. I’ve worked with people before who used to be or are currently modeling so shooting them is….well, it’s almost like not even working. It’s so easy. But working with regular people…who aren’t comfortable in front of a camera…who don’t know what I mean when I say “Smile with your eyes!!” is pretty difficult.

I’m still working and improving and hope to tackle the demon of harsh lighting in the very near future but here is the result of my experimentation.


Umm….rawr Briana, rawr…

She is so yoga…

This one’s my personal favorite. Set them up in a good pose and then capture the natural energy between the two people 🙂


Photography: Rodriguez Family Christmas

David and Devin got married almost 4 years ago (I can’t believe it’s been that long)! Before it was David and Devin it was Devin and Phoebe-her big red dog. Like Clifford! Phoebe is appropriately Devin’s best friend on four legs. So when they asked me to shoot their Christmas card pictures, it went without question that Phoebe would be joining them.

Here’s a few things I’ve learned about Phoebe:

  • She, like any girl, is always aware of how she presents herself
  • With that, she is too dignified to be on her back….or to be picked up
  • While Devin is her best friend she has a special ear only for David’s voice
  • Phoebe is just as stylish as Devin
  • She only allows you to get a good picture of her when she’s good and ready
  • She does a mean crazy eye

This was my first shoot with a dog and I learned a lot through it. Like always have treats on hand; sing “Do you want to build a snowman” to get their attention, and make yourself look ridiculous at all costs.